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Colour Therapy for your Mind Body & Soul
Pour Girl Fluid Arts is a joyful & meditative exploration in colour integration through acrylic painting, while incorporating the practicalities of colour symbolism.
Colour Symbolism theorizes that colours can subconsciously influence our emotions. And if so, then it's possible that it could assist in the healing, comforting, and soothing of our troubled souls.
A Gift from Pour Girl to You
 Pour Girl Artworks come with a Colour Therapy Symbolism card specific to your design. 
Once you've read your colour card, sit with your new artwork and take it in. Calm your space, calm your mind and focus on the colours, their symbolism, how it makes you feel. You chose the colours...perhaps there is a reason. It will all become clear soon.
Design your own Pour Girl Colour Therapy Artwork by filling out the request form below. 

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